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Benjamin was born in London and moved to Denmark at age 5.

His first introduction to drumming occurred at 10 years of age and for the next 6 months, practice was limited to using a practice pad. He then used a small electronic drum set for the next few years before eventually getting his first acoustic drum kit at the age of 13.

After finishing college at 19, Benjamin came to the conclusion that drumming as a hobby had evolved into the desire to pursue a career as a professional drummer. From this point onwards, he began to work seriously to make the dream become a reality.

Over the next few years he became the drummer for a big band and played with various other groups, including two commercial bands that won regional music competitions. In addition, he played in Play!Ground Live, run by the renowned Danish bassist Bo Stief.

Benjamin developed a wide taste in music at a young age and has since worked on expanding his range, exploring numerous genres such as jazz, fusion, progressive rock, funk and pop.

He current plays in various settings such as the Steffen Brix Akoustic Trio which includes the highly respected UK bassist Mark Ong. Steffen Brix is regarded as one of Denmark’s top jazz/blues guitarists.

Benjamin continues to develop his career as a young professional drummer and aspires to tour and see the world through his music.

Benjamin Juul-Dimond | Drummer


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