Experiencing Scott Henderson and Jonathan Kreisberg Live

March 2024 was an exciting month regarding hearing some great concerts.

Godset in Kolding hosted 2 stellar bands during the month: the Scott Henderson Trio and the Jonathan Kreisberg Quartet. I was lucky enough to be able to go and hear both gigs.

The Scott Henderson gig was a brain melter and a superb live performance. It was my first time hearing his French rhythm section of drummer Archibald Ligonnière and bass player Romain Labaye live and man… they didn’t disappoint! Stunning playing and I would definitely say it ranks in the top 3 gigs I have been to.

Scott Henderson
Scott Henderson

Source: Svíčková | CC BY-SA 3.0

Going to hear the great American guitartist Jonathan Kreisberg and his quartet was another fantastic experience. The compositions were intricate and exciting but the most enjoyable part of the concert for me was hearing the superb interplay between the musicians. The band included Marko Churnchetz (SL) on piano and Phil Donkin (UK) on acoustic bass. What players! I had the chance to chat with the drummer, Colin Stranahan (US), after the concert – what a great guy he is! Super nice and a fantastic drummer.

Jonathan Kreisberg
Jonathan Kreisberg

Source: Claudia McDade | CC BY-SA 4.0

I’m looking forward to seeing what gigs come up in the next few months, especially as Denmark is slowly coming out of hibernation from a long, cold winter and the Danish summer season of jazz festivals is just around the corner.